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About Us

Global Ed Explorer is a subscription-based resource built for educators who teach ages 4-18. Explorer is powered by Community Catalyst Partners, an organization that exists to develop the talents of young people from pre-kindergarten through the completion of a postsecondary credential of market value. We design evidence-based, globally focused curriculum tools and resources, and make them all available affordably and exclusively inside Explorer. 

Please note subscriptions are offered as multiple seat licenses to schools and organizations only at this time. 

To learn more about pricing, features, and content, contact [email protected].

Our Promise

Every subscription is front-loaded with our extensive library of tools and resources, and includes regular updates and additions to featured content.

Our Global Issue Overviews, connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, support teaching global issues in any academic discipline—without requiring teachers to become global experts.

Our project-based learning guides, called Performance Assessment Shells,  support the design of instructional units that develop global competence and the capacity to apply it.

Explorer's innovative Instructional Strategies are designed to deliver the skills today's students need for success in the real world: Cultural literacy, critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving, accountability, and collaboration. 

Globally focused classroom activities inspire teaching and engage students in applying what they learn to the interconnected world we live in.

It's Easy (and Not Annoying)

Teachers can find exactly what they're looking for, and discover something new. The Explorer interface is easy to use. But it's also fun and full of interesting and useful resources, and Search and Discover are great tools for inspiration!

Every subscriber is  in charge of how to use Explorer, and how it can best serve their teaching.There are lots of opportunities to add content and collaborate with others, but there's no obligation

Subscribers choose how and whether they want to be notified of new content. We won't interrupt their day with nagging notifications they don't want.

We're here when teachers need us. Subscribers can visit Explorer every day, once a week, every couple of months...whatever works best for them. And check out the mobile app for iOS and Android, free on their respective app stores. Beautiful, fully functional, and convenient!

Yes, We Can Help

Global Ed Explorer is actively managed by a team of real people who are easy to reach from inside the Explorer platform. The Explorer Team is happy to answer questions, point subscribers in the right direction, hear suggestions for new content, and connect people and with the resources they'll find useful. The team is as quiet as a churchmouse when we're not needed, but johnny-on-the-spot when we are.

Explorer: Made for you.

Educational leaders can be confident  that high-quality, evidence-based, globally focused tools and resources are at their teachers' fingertips. Teachers can make independent professional judgments about which resources to use, and how to use them. 

Schools, districts, and educational organizations can purchase bulk subscriptions at special rates. Email Lisa Tyrrell, [email protected], for pricing information and to learn more.

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